Discover Myanmar's Finest Organic Teas

Our tea offerings include choices such as Orthodox Black Tea in leaf grades and broken grades, as well as CTC Black Tea and Green Tea. Mr. Kyaw Htwe, our CEO, who has extensive experience in tea-making, meticulously crafts these teas to ensure they have excellent flavour, aroma, and texture. Moreover, we are delighted to offer custom modifications to suit the preferences of our valued customers and meet the demands of different markets.

We take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality Myanmar tea products to cater to the varying tastes of tea enthusiasts around the world. Our products include both organic and conventional teas, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect cup of tea.







In Myanmar we supply our teas to local markets, supermarkets, online channels, and small shops, ensuring accessibility and availability for all. We pack for retail in varying weights (200g, 400g, 500g and 800g for black tea and 120g for green tea) under our own brand name, Parami. With regards wholesale, Parami Green Mountain’s tea is also purchased in bulk by tea brokers and resellers who then package the tea under their own brand names.  

For the global market, our bulk packaging options for export include 30kg bags and 15kg boxes of specialty tea, providing convenience and flexibility for our customers. Since 2013, we have exported our organic teas to Canada, the USA, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and China.

In our pledge to improve quality and safety, we conduct regular microbiological tests on our tea products, ensuring that our warehouses maintain the highest standards of hygiene. We carefully package our tea bags and place them on wooden pallets to prevent chemical contamination and preserve the tea’s natural goodness.

According to UK tea experts collaborating with the International Trade Centre, our green tea exhibits clean floral notes, accompanied by a delightful hint of grassiness. The texture of our green tea is exceptionally smooth, devoid of any lingering bitterness. Likewise, our black tea captivates with its bright, bronze cup appearance and remarkable clarity. Its flavour is a delightful blend of fruity and woody notes, complemented by a good body and a smooth finish, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.