Tea Cultivation Since the First Myanmar Empire

The plantations that produce our delicious, organic teas are based in the Northern Shan State near Kyaukme and Namhsan townships in Myanmar. The farmers, primarily from the Shan and Ta-ang ethnicities, have been harvesting fresh tea leaves in this region since the first Myanmar empire. The tea farms sit at an altitude of 1,300 metres above sea level and cover a total area of 10,105 hectares across four locations.








These plantations are surrounded by a stunning mountain range where clouds gracefully weave through the peaks. The pleasant weather conditions and unique landscape create a perfect environment for tea cultivation. Each farm boasts an average production of 300 to 500 viss (489-815kg) per acre. What sets our Myanmar tea plantations apart from other plantations across the globe is that we use traditional methods of placing unique spacing between each tea tree.

The tea flowering and harvesting season stretches from mid-March to late November, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh tea leaves for our premium products. Enjoy the remarkable taste of Myanmar tea, crafted with care and expertise on our idyllic plantations.

Continued Commitment to
Training and Support

At Parami Green Mountain, we consider it of utmost importance to prioritise the training and support of the farming community we collaborate with. We believe in equal and fair treatment for all in our thriving tea community in Myanmar, which is why there are a significant number of youth and women among our farmers. This effort has earned our factories a stellar reputation among tea farmers, fostering generations-long partnerships.
Our CEO’s dedication to farmers’ interests drives our mutually beneficial relationship. We share agricultural knowledge and modern technology through training programmes to boost yields and create job opportunities in rural areas.

Our Initiatives For Farmers

Enhancing agricultural practices with mulching, pruning, and organic farming activities

Assisting farmers in obtaining and maintaining certifications

Strengthening marketing efforts through social media, branding, and international trade exhibitions leads to better prices and improved livelihoods

Implementing climate-smart practices, like efficient water use and management

Promoting improved processing techniques through organic training and value addition, with plans to apply HACCP and provide food safety training

Additionally, we offer opportunities to local youth for employment near our factories, ensuring fair wages and caring for their health and education needs. Our commitment extends to social projects such as building water tanks, donating ambulances, and supporting students with stationery. We actively tackle climate change by reducing food waste, reducing carbon footprints, and managing water resources.
Together, we strive to create a sustainable and prosperous future for our farmers and the entire tea community. Parami Green Mountain remains dedicated to making a positive impact, one cup of tea at a time.